The report from pressure group WebRoots Democracy found online voting could boost national voter turnout by 9million and reduce the cost per vote by a third.

Report author and WebRoots Democracy founder Areeq Chowdhury said: “The UK is a politically active nation online, and we need to translate this passion to voting – the bedrock of our democracy.

“Mayoral Elections are a great time to pilot online voting because with areas such as Tower Hamlets, social media integration with Facebook and Twitter offers real potential to help voting go viral.

“In addition to this, as this report sets out, there are a number of security safeguards that can be offered by an online voting option that simply isn’t available with current paper-based methods.

“With the last Tower Hamlets Mayoral Election being fraught with allegations of fraud, it would be a good place to test out a more secure method of voting.”

The report estimated that youth voter turnout could increase to 70%, up from 44% in the 2010 General Election.

The 2014 Tower Hamlets Mayoral Election saw a turnout of 48%.

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