Protesters turned up to a meeting of Tower Hamlets Council to rally against draft plans to replace their homes.

Social housing provider One Housing Group was also discussed in the meeting of Tower Hamlets Council on Wednesday, September 16. In his monthly update, Mayor John Biggs said more needed to be done to ensure the organisation’s actions were transparent after the Project Stone controversy during the summer.

He said: “We need to look at what the council can do without a change in government policy.”

“I had a meeting with One Housing Group about their performance. I think One Housing Group’s behaviour has not been acceptable.”

Project Stone, a 52-page document presented to the board of One Housing Group, emerged in July and outlined possible developments on four of the estates run by One Housing on the Isle of Dogs.

It suggested thousands more high-end homes could be built on the sites, while merely maintaining the existing number of social houses already there, leading many to question the organisation’s basis as a social housing provider.

Many residents of One Housing Group’s estates on the Isle of Dogs turned up to protest outside the council meeting. They argued they didn’t want their current homes to be knocked down, and that extra burden caused by thousands more residents on local infrastructure would be too much.

John Fox, a resident of the Barkantine Estate attended a protest held outside the council’s Mulberry Place headquarters.

He said: “We have no confidence in One Housing. It’s as if they believe in their own propaganda – they don’t accept that the majority of the residents feel differently about their plans.”

Fellow protester Karen Wright said: “I have lived in the Barkantine estate all my life and I am against the proposals to build 70% private housing on the site of our estate.

“We don’t want to move – we are a community.”

One Housing Group has maintained that current residents will be offered the same terms of tenancy in the new builds, and that plans were still at a very early stage.

A spokesman said: “We want to maximise the quantity and quality of social housing in the Isle of Dogs – we use money from private sources to do this.”