Old Flo could soon return to Tower Hamlets.

In a speech to Tower Hamlets Council meeting, Mayor John Biggs spoke positively about the possibility of getting the statue back into the borough after winning a court battle over its ownership earlier this year.

Mayor Biggs said he had formed a working group to look at where the statue could be placed and at how soon the statue can reasonably return to Tower Hamlets.

He said: "Old Flo is a very valuable sculpture. Hopefully, it will return to our borough soon.

"It should be enjoyed by the people of Tower Hamlets, and we need to find a place where it will be safe."

The sculpture, officially titled the Draped, Seated Woman, was bought by London County Council in 1962, and was placed in the Stifford Estate in Stepney, it has sat in Yorkshire Sculpture Park in Wakefield since 1997.

Conservative leader cllr Peter Golds said he felt passionately about getting the statue back to east London, and said: "I have actually seen the sculpture in person while shooing geese away in the park where it sits."