The Mayor of Tower Hamlets revealed that Bromley Council has put a challenge in to the High Court over the ownership of Henry Moore’s Old Flo statue.

Mayor John Biggs told a press briefing in the council’s Mulberry Place headquarters that Bromley had appealed to the court over a decision to award ownership of the sculpture to Tower Hamlets in early July.

“A court decided to award us the ownership if the sculpture,” he said. “But we have since learned that Bromley Council have appealed to the High Court.”

However, he remained confident over the future of the sculpture, and said plans were continuing to find a good home for the piece, which currently sits in Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

He said: “We need to have it where people can see it, but we don’t want a situation where people are stealing the statue and melting it down for money.

“Presuming our ownership is upheld, we will appoint a small group of people to decide where we can put the sculpture where it can still be enjoyed in east London.”

The sculpture was purchased by the London County Council in 1962 and then placed near three tower blocks on the recently constructed Stifford Estate in Stepney. It has been in Yorkshire Sculpture Park near Wakefield since 1997.