A government minster visited victims of the IRA Docklands bomb the day after the Westminster terror attack.

Conservative Parliamentary Under Secretary Of State for Northern Ireland Kris Hopkins expressed his support for the Docklands Victims Association on a trip to its Hackney offices on Thursday, March 23.

The association has been lobbying Parliament for compensation following the 1996 attack near South Quay DLR station, which killed two men and injured dozens more.

President of the association Jonathan Ganesh, was injured in the attack, said: “I’m very pleased the minister visited our centre despite the difficulties in Parliament.

“The appalling events in Parliament and on Westminster Bridge was an act of evil.

“I’m very saddened for all those affected by this.

“Democracy and freedom must prevail against evil.”

Ihsan Bashir, brother of Inam Bashir who was one of the men killed by the bomb, said: “As a Muslim and victim of IRA terror I know terrorists do not care who gets killed or maimed. Islam is a religion of peace.”

The Docklands bomb was made using Semtex sold to the IRA by the regime of Colonel Gaddafi in Libya.

Despite the minister’s visit, the Government has so far frustrated efforts to legislate in favour of freeing up some of the dictator’s assets to compensate victims of the explosion.

The Asset Freezing (Compensation) Bill, which began life in the House Of Lords, was derailed by the Government for a second time on Friday, March 24, following an objection by the Government.

It is now due to be read on Friday, May 12.

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