Ukip leader Nigel Farage is to lead a flotilla to Tower Bridge in a Brexit stunt timed to coincide with prime minister’s questions .

The group of fishing trawlers are coming to Westminster on Wednesday, June 15 in a mass protest calling for the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.

They are aiming to arrive at high tide, an hour after the final PMQs before the referendum on 23 June.

The flotilla of at least 35 boats – including huge herring and mackerel trawlers from the north of Scotland as well as smaller vessels from English ports – is being organised by Scottish skippers, who set up the pro-Brexit Fishing for Leave campaign several weeks ago, reports The Guardian .

It argues their industry would be better off if the UK left the EU but had the same status as Iceland, Norway and the Faroe Islands during fisheries quota talks.

Skippers of the UK’s largest trawlers, the 65-70-metre pelagic vessels based in Shetland and north-east Scotland, will have to make the five-day return voyage for the stunt.

They are expected to gather off Southend in Essex at dawn before sailing up the Thames in display aimed at garnering Leave votes.

Farage revealed his involvement on LBC radio and said: “One thing I can promise you is you are about to hear a lot about the fishing industry.

“On 15 June I will be boarding a small trawler in Southend-on-Sea at 5am and we will catch the flood tide. There will be 60 boats in a flotilla coming up the Thames and we will arrive outside the Palace of Westminster at midday.

“It will be big, visual and dramatic. The demand will be clear: we want our waters back.”

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