A serving police constable attached to Newham borough has been dismissed following a special case hearing.

PC Rytis Gilys, 34, was brought before the Standards of Professional Behaviour board faced with allegations of “discreditable conduct”.

The officer had been found guilty at Southwark Crown Court in April of sexual assault against a female colleague while on duty and was sentenced to six months’ imprisonment.

The chair of the misconduct hearing, Assistant Commissioner Helen King said: “As police officers we are entrusted with protecting vulnerable people, often at a time of crisis for them.

“Sexual offending of any sort is therefore of very great concern, given the trusted position police officers are in.

“The public rightly expect police officers to uphold the law in their personal and professional lives. When we fail to do so, it brings the police service into disrepute.

“It is my responsibility to ensure that the standards expected by the public of officers in the Metropolitan Police Service are upheld. Therefore, I have determined that the only appropriate sanction in this case is dismissal without notice.”

The officer was dismissed without notice on Thursday, June 23, following the hearing.