This is the year when I’m going to embrace my inner Domestic Goddess; the year when my home becomes a spiritual sanctuary, free from clutter and mess.

The spare time I have will be spent cleansing my home of “stuff”, binning the bits I no longer use or want, tidying the remains.

I will become a disciple of cleaning guru Marie Kondo , following her “magic tidying method” to the letter. No T-shirt will remain unfolded, no drawer a warren of disorder.

Instead my storage when viewed will appear like mini works of art, a palette of elegance. I will colour code, index and box. I will use the Kondo approach to decide the fate of stuff, on whether to keep items or dispatch them to a charity shop sack.

Marie Kondo

If, when I pick them up and handle them, they do not “inspire a feeling of pure joy” then hasta la vista baby it's off to the Salvation Army.

Nothing will remain but the things that make me smile; neatly arranged in out of view spaces.

I want to look around my home and feel a sense of Zen-like calm. Where once chaos reigned, calm will rule. There will be no newspapers or magazines scattered around the living room, no mail littering the window ledge, no cutlery loitering on the work surface, no used towels slung over the bath rim, no cap-less toothpaste tube out of his holder.

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Everything will have its rightful place – and those rightful places will be beautifully ordered.

According to Kondo, my new, cleansed surroundings will engender feelings of peace and happiness. I should start to feel more composed and in control; an uncluttered living environment leads to a healthy mind.

There is one slight glitch in my quest for a more ordered and tranquil home. I can assume the role of Marie Kondo, play the part like a pro, but I’m not going to convince my eight-year-old clutter bug that the way forward, the key to his happiness, is a home free from Lego, creations, constructions and random scattered bricks, taking up every available inch of floor, table top, workspace, window ledge, cupboard, box...

Working Mum always looking for any excuse to put off those New Year resolutions for another year.

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