A cheeky monkey is just one of the exotic animals to arrive at the New Union Wharf estate, on the Isle of Dogs.

The taste of the jungle has been brought to east London courtesy of pupils at Cubitt Town Junior School, who created a 200ft mural to brighten up the regeneration site.

They worked alongside artist Mürüde Mehmet, East Thames and Hill Partnerships who sketched the eye-catching outlines which kids then filled in with colour.

Cubitt Town Junior School pupil and New Union Wharf resident Devontay, 10, said: “The new painting puts a smile on my face when I see it every day.

“The monkey reminds me of me when I was younger.”

The painting is aimed at brightening up the development, which will feature 399 modern homes by 2018.

East Thames rehousing and regeneration manager at New Union Wharf, Elaine Ambrose, said: “This was a wonderful opportunity for everyone to work together and produce something vibrant that benefits all the residents.

“The wildlife theme was chosen as nature is always regenerating and changing for the better, just like the estate is now."