The Canal & River Trust is helping to install 275 LED street lights around Docklands - which in a year will save the equivalent CO2 levels produced by 18 flights to Australia.

The old lamps were responsible for 46.5 tonnes of CO2 each year and these new ones will reduce that to nine tonnes - an 80% reduction, which is equivalent to 200,000 car miles or three and half days of lighting up Wembley Stadium.

The trust's Andy Slater said: “It’s great to get these lights installed around the docks. They're important for safety, they look good and they will also be better for the environment and help us save a significant amount of money, which we can re-invest in other waterway improvements.

“We’re extremely grateful to our volunteers for helping on this project. They do a huge amount of work for us and are crucial to helping to keep Docklands as a premier site."