A peacock has taken up residence in an Isle Of Dogs courtyard.


A peacock has taken up residence...

Yes, I heard you, I’m just confused.

Not as confused as the local residents.

Why? Where is this bird?

It showed up one day in the courtyard of Luralda Wharf in Saunders Ness Road.

Where has it come from?

Well, that’s the mystery. Mudchute Farm And Park doesn’t have peacocks as far as we know and so it could have escaped from a private owner.

Could it be the Queen’s?

You would think these fancy birds would suit royalty but as far as we know her Maj isn’t into peacocks. She prefers monochrome swans and ravens rather than rainbow feathers it seems.

Well, it is the school holidays. Maybe it fancied some sightseeing on the Thames and Tower Of London where the royal birds hang out?

Maybe. Although it is just hanging around by the block of flats.

What’s it been doing?

Mostly just chilling. Occasionally getting itself in a flap when the neighbours turn off Netflix.

Is this your peacock?

Surely it’s lost then?

You’re a sharp one. Pecked your way right through that mystery didn’t you?

Or injured?

No, the residents called out the RSPCA who checked it over and gave it a full bill of health (see what we did there?).

Why didn't they take it away?

Because it’s not hurt they said they wouldn’t interfere.

Maybe it’s a wild peacock and is just resting then?

It’s been there four days so far. But maybe you’re right. It is probably tiring flying with all those feathers.

Wait. What? Peacocks can fly?

Yes, males have been known to travel some distance looking for a mate during breeding season.

Aw, so it could be looking for it’s lady peacock?

Yes, this could end up being one of those crazy road trip rom coms gone wrong.

Wouldn’t Canary Wharf be more it’s scene?

Ah, yes, because of the bird connection.

No, because a lot of peacocking goes on there doesn’t it?

Yes, there is a fair amount of strutting, puffing up of chests and fancy plumage.

Plus there’s lot of fancy birds there....


Getting back to the matter at hand - what is going to happen to the peacock?

Well, were hoping one of our knowledgeable readers might recognise him and be able to reunite him with his family.


Email laura.enfield@wharf.co.uk if you know who the owner is.

OK great. Let's hope this appeal takes flight and the peacock will be winging its way home soon.

Yes, and it can take all the terrible puns with it.

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