Apparently, instant joy “isn’t the point” at the Museum of Happiness .

But when organisers promise things like a ballpit to sit in and do some colouring in, laughter yoga and face painting, then it seems unlikely visitors won’t experience a little joy while there.

A bit of laughter yoga

The latest east London pop-up will be in Spitalfields Market from January 16 offering workshops, “playshops” and guided mindfulness exercises.

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Among the forest of tents and gazebos will be a kindness tent, a Science of Happiness tent and even the chance to make your own stressball.

A group during one of the 'happiness' workshops

So, while the organisers aren’t promising instant gratification, they are hoping that people leave with a better understanding of long-lasting contentment.

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Although that may quickly dissipate when you catch a glimpse of your painted strippy tiger face in the Tube window and remember you're actually a 32-year-old financial advisor in the real world. Pft.

The event is free, though donations are welcome.