With millions in the bank, Madonna doesn’t need anyone’s sympathy but, as one lone parent and working mum to another, my heart does go out to her.

For all her wealth, global success, and power, she’s just like any other mum when it comes to her children.

According to media reports she’s been having a number of meltdowns on stage during her latest tour in Australia, Madonna: Tears Of A Clown.

She’s been accused of being drunk in performance, slurring her words and altogether acting like a woman on a downward spiral, a woman in pain.

So what’s behind this latest stage persona?

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Apparently, her son, Rocco. She’s hurting, licking her wounds, because it would appear he now prefers the company of his father, movie director Guy Ritchie, over spending time with his mum.

Her baby boy is growing up and, at this moment in time, doesn’t seem to need his mum.

It’s hard enough for any parent to not feel wanted by their offspring but to have it played out on the world stage must be doubly devastating.

It must be puzzling for a global superstar, with millions of adoring fans who pay to spend just a few hours to watch her on stage that her own child chooses to eschew her stellar orbit preferring instead to hang out in skate parks with pals like Brooklyn Beckham and cycle around the streets of London with dad Guy.

But little boys, whatever their age, need their mums because, although it may sound a cliché, a mother’s love is different from that of a father’s.

Madonna needs to hold her nerve and simply be there, waiting with open arms and not a word of rebuke, when Rocco’s had his fill of testosterone and seeks a plain old fashioned cuddle.

Well, that’s what I’m convincing myself will happen.

I’m simply dreading when Master A becomes an independent teen because if a son can go AWOL from a mum like Madge what hope have the rest of us mere mortals got?