MPs will have a full debate about securing compensation for victims of Libyan-sponsored IRA terrorism including those affected by the 1996 Docklands bombing.

Lord Empey, whose Asset Freezing (Compensation) Bill was passed by the House Of Lords, confirmed to the Libyan Express that the House Of Commons was set to discuss the issue.

He added that the bill had the formal support of the Labour Party and he expects backing from the Liberal Democrats and a significant number of Conservatives.

Approval among MPs is the final step towards achieving compensation for victims, something the Docklands Victims Association has been fighting for over the last 20 years since the explosion at South Quay that killed two and injured 39.

Speaking after the House Of Lords passed Lord Empey’s Bill, Hamida Bashir, whose son Inam died in the attack, said: “I do not require or will accept any compensation for the loss of my son Inam but all those left disabled in the UK deserve to be compensated.

“It made me so sad that our Government did not fight for its citizens because other countries, including the US, fought for their victims and received substantial compensation.

“Our Government’s lack of concern for its citizens broke my heart because it devalued the life of my Inam and of all those killed and left disabled. Hopefully this bill will finally make this injustice right.”

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