Motorexpo may be smaller than in previous years but there are still some gems to see.

Today's car of the day is the Zenos E10 S.

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Why bother? It's British made (like all the best motors) and it's cheap. The company says it makes the best value sports cars on the market and this is a chance to get close to a machine that's capable of 0-60mph in less than four seconds but costs less than £30,000.

Give me more stats: It has a 2-litre Ford Ti-VCT EcoBoost engine developing 250bhp and will reach a top speed of 145mph.

Least interesting fact: It has a lockable storage bin with a courtesy light. Fancy.

Who'll be excited by it? Anyone who wants to get on a track without spending a complete fortune and enjoys the sound of serious tyre squeal.

Do say: What lovely red accents you have.

Don't say: Isn't that a bit like a Lotus?

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