Do you have one of those people in your life that makes everything look effortlessly easy? Those “I don’t know how she does it” colleagues or friends.

We’ve had a temp working with us for the past six weeks. Every day she comes in immaculately groomed – make-up airbrush flawless, hair styled, nails perfectly polished, suit pin-sharp pressed.

She brings a home prepared lunch that looks as though it’s been put together by Fortnum And Mason, complete with homemade goodies such as hummus, spelt crackers, precision cut crudités.

At lunchtime, she swaps her vertiginous heels for a pair of New Balance and goes for a 30-minute power walk.

In the afternoon, she comes around with a tin of home-baked afternoon tea delights from lemon drizzle cake and brownies to Viennese Whirls and almond slices.

She makes Gwyneth “Goop” Paltrow look like a slacker.

To cap it all, this insanely organised individual is a working mum with three children aged between seven and 11. I’m so in awe of her. I joined her for a walk on Monday, in a bid to find out the secret.

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She smiled when I asked her how she does it. I wanted to hear she had a team of professionals on hand, a chef, nanny, trainer, personal hairdresser – but, no, this woman is a superwoman – or a Stepford Wife.

She puts it down to a 30-minute window straight after putting her children to bed. In this time, she sets up the following morning’s breakfast, makes and packs up lunch boxes, gets her work bag organised, lays out her children’s uniforms etc etc.

She does the tasks in the same order each day and, as such, she says, she has become quicker at preparing and organising everything.

This simple routine enables her to leave the house every day feeling organised and calm.

Perhaps I should try to have a go – 30 minutes is manageable. Hold on, though, there’s a RHONY to catch up with ... I’ll start tomorrow ... tonight, I’ll have a glass of Sauvignon instead.