Tasmania is known mainly for giving the world Errol Flynn and Ricky Ponting but the Aussie state now has a major role to play in the daily commute in one of the world’s biggest cities.

Two catamarans are set to travel 10,000 miles from their factory on the island to reach their new homes in the Thames, where they will join the MBNA Thames Clipper fleet.

Construction on the boats was started six months ago by Incat Tasmania.

The two 35m passenger vessels are named Galaxy and Neptune and are the first additions to the ferry company’s fleet of commuter-ships for seven years.

The boats are expected to reach the Thames in four to six weeks.

Once there, will carry commuters on the network between Putney and Canary Wharf with each vessel able to hold up to 150 passengers at a time.

The boats were paid for with a £6.5million investment from MBNA.

Chief executive officer of MBNA Thames Clippers Sean Collins said: “The arrival of Galaxy Clipper and Neptune Clipper later this year is not only a major milestone for our business, but also for the London transport network.

“London is in its infancy compared to other cities in the world when it comes to commuting and travelling by river and we are excited to be leading the way in making more of the River Thames as a key part of the Capital’s infrastructure.”