If Canary Wharf could blush it would be as red as a tomato right now after all the praise from Toronto’s mayor John Tory.

He was in the capital as part of a tour of Crossrail - which is the inspiration for Toronto's SmartTrack.

SmartTrack is a proposed regional express rail line which was proposed by Mr Tory during his 2014 Toronto Mayoral election campaign.

We are not going to lie, he was all over this financial district, but we really can’t blame him.

See his tweets below to decide for yourself.

1. We may moan about it every time we commute, but he loved our Tube network’s efficiency

2. He got rather emotional when he saw our Tube map. C’mon, it is pretty special

3. Claimed our newest public park was “stunning”

4. Was complimentary about our tunneling efficiency

And 5. He called us a “major business district”

We heart John Tory.