The battle to halt plans to build a cruise terminal at Enderby Wharf continues and leader of the London Assembly Liberal Democrats urges the Mayor of London to step in.

Boris Johnson has the power to stop the Greenwich Council-approved plans which are opposed by hundreds of residents on both sides of the river.

The plans, approved at a meeting on Tuesday, July 21, include a terminal in the middle of the River Thames able to accommodate large cruise liners and, on shore, 477 homes, a skills centre and shops.

In a letter to London’s mayor, Liberal Democrat Caroline Pidgeon said she accepted the terminal would not exceed national standards, "I remain concerned about the impact on short-term nitrogen dioxide (NO2) particularly in light of the growing residential population in and around the Greenwich Peninsula.

“As our understanding of the sources of air pollution has improved, so too has our knowledge of its adverse effects on human health, with recent evidence suggesting the risks associated with nitrogen dioxide are as large, if not larger, than those arising from exposure to particulate matter (PM).

“Indeed, the London Health Commission recently found that if annual PM levels were reduced by just five micrograms per cubic metre, London would save 150 lives a year and prevent 643 hospital admissions.

“I would ask you to re-assess the feasibility of using of shore power to supply vessels with electrical power at Enderby Wharf to reduce emissions at source.”

Mrs Pidgeon is still waiting for a response from the Mayor of London.

Click here for Greenwich Council’s statement on the terminal.