Want to catch all the Pokemon in Canary Wharf?

This map could help.

It details where players of mobile app game Pokemon Go can find 20 PokeStops and three Pokemon Gyms in the estate’s public spaces.

And its creators are offering rewards for those who hunt down and share tweets of rare Pokemon.

However it doesn’t list where the mini monsters can be found or which skyscrapers hold stashes of Pokeballs to catch them with- that part is up to you.

Download the Canary Wharf Pokemon Go Map

Canary Wharf Group has created the map in response to the sharp rise in visitors to the area- lured here by the possibility of catching flareons, haunters and digletts in the malls and open spaces.

Ben Hanafi, 23, travelled from Islington to Canary Wharf to play the game after work. He said: “Its great round here to play Pokemon, there are over 15 Pokestops in quite a small area and the layout of the district means you can cover big distances on foot quite quickly.

“With the parks and the docks, there are some good Pokemon hiding out here, with lots of land and water based creatures.”

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Pokemon Go in Canary Wharf - Gastly was spotted outside One Canada Square

If you hunt down a rare Pokemon on the estate tweet a screen grab and you could be one of 25 players to win a £10 Canary Wharf gift card.

Canary Wharf Group is offering the incentive from now until 9pm on Thursday, August 1.

Canary Wharf Group’s managing director of retail and chief administrative officer Camille Waxer said: “Pokemon Go is what we're all hearing about at the moment, it’s a lot of fun and we want everyone here to join in.

“Based on what our retailers are telling us, we can see that it has serious potential to attract new audiences to the area. Businesses on the estate, particularly the food and drink outlets are seeing an increase in footfall.

“The game is an ingenious application of technology and the potential for developers and estate managers like Canary Wharf Group is enormous.”

Each tweet must include the hashtag #PokemonCanaryWharf and @YourCanaryWharf and be easily identifiable as being taken in Canary Wharf.

Details and full terms and conditions here.

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