A man is in custody on suspicion of the attempted murder after an undercover police operation in east London on Thursday lunchtime (October 15).

The 31-year-old is also being questioned over the possession of a firearm at a north London police station.

The officer was shot in the shoulder and is recovering in hospital and “stable” after he was shot during a raid in Haggerston, Hackney. His family are at his bedside.

Met Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe said: “This officer has shown great bravery. His colleagues have described him as ‘exceptional’ and ‘professional’. He has been that and more. I am of thinking of him and his family and I wish him a quick recovery.

“Our officers confront danger every day. I am proud of all of them and the courage that they show.”

Commander Duncan Ball was unable to confirm whether the police had used their weapons. Witnesses in Clarissa Road say they saw a man fleeing the scene gun down the pursuing officer. They heard two shots.

Cmdr Bell said: “This incident reveals the very real risks our police officers face on a day-to-day basis while protecting the safety of Londoners.”

He said firearms officers and detectives from the Trident gang crime unit descended on the area, yards from Haggerston Overground rail station, shortly before 1pm.

“During that operation, a 31-year-old male was arrested and a non police firearm [was] recovered,” he said.

Scriven Street, where police say an officer was shot

After the incident, up to 100 police flooded the area, next to Stonebridge Gardens, after suspects fled a raid on a flat in Stonebridge Estate, witnesses said.

Business owner David Salvester, 28, heard one plain-clothes officer shout: “Nick’s been shot.”

“We were in the house and we heard a bunch of yelling. We went outside and there was a bunch of officers in green with their dogs.

“They had helmets and machine guns, I think. That’s the point we heard the gunfire. They were all scrambling about. It was two shots, I think.

“The whole road was filled with undercover police. They all burst out of their cars (when the shots went off). Then there was a woman shouting, ‘Nick’s been shot, Nick’s been shot’.”