A man has been arrested after a car collided with a Tower Hamlets Council recycling truck on the Isle of Dogs.

Just after 10.10am on Tuesday, May 3, a green Lexus, with four people inside, was travelling south down Westferry Road.

As it approached witnesses said the driver appeared to lose control of the vehicle near Clifton Grill House and it collided with the side of the recycling truck heading in the opposite direction.

The Lexus then reportedly hit a bollard at the pedestrian crossing just south of the Hutching’s Street junction before spinning and coming to a halt.

The Tower Hamlets Council truck involved in the collision

A spokesman from the Met said four people from the car then “made off” before officers got to the scene.

A man from the car was later traced by police and has been arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving.

Tower Hamlets Cllr Andrew Wood, who was at the scene, said: “What has been reported to me is that the green vehicle was driving south down the road.

“It lost control, hit the kerb and hit the truck before it smashed the bollard at the pedestrian crossing.

“It spun around and came to a stop before the four people ran off.”

A firefighter at the scene confirmed the Lexus had been involved in a collision with the council truck before spinning out.

Officers at the scene assessing the damage with the Tower Hamlets Council truck in the background

The Lexus received significant damage to the front end and the right-hand side and rear of the truck were also damaged.

The section of Westferry Road between Strafford Street junction (north) and Moiety Road was closed as police conducted investigations, causing delays for motorists.

Southbound traffic to the north of the accident was backed up as far as Westferry Circus and down Marsh Wall.