Mayor of Tower Hamlets Lutfur Rahman has claimed his former colleague who has given evidence against him has done so as part of a "vendetta".

The mayor made the claim during his second day of giving evidence at the Royal Courts of Justice, where he is accused of electoral fraud. He denies the charge.

When Election Commissioner Richard Mawrey asked Mr Rahman why former colleague Helal Abbas would make a statement against him, he said: "We fell out in 2008 after I became the leader (of the council).

"I wanted to try and create a new generation, but when I decided that he turned on me. In 2009 he ran against me (in the mayoral elections) and since then he has had a vendetta against me."

However, barrister Francis Hoar, representing the four election petitioners who have brought the case against the mayor, said Mr Rahman was "twisting the truth" to suit his own agenda.

Mr Rahman denied many of the accusations put to him, including that he used the party Tower Hamlets First - formed in September 2013 - purely as a way to get him into power.

After claiming he couldn't think of a written manifesto for Tower Hamlet's First on Friday, one was presented to the court on Monday.

Mr Rahman apologised, stating he "forgot" and admitted he and his party had not thought "what we would do post-election."

In response to why the party had not chosen a politics officer or a women's officer before the election, he said: "We are not perfect. We are a small group of people and I was very busy. I accept there are things we should've done, but we didn't have the same amount of time that big groups like Labour and Conservative do."

The court heard that Mr Rahman's sister was registered at his address in Tower Hamlets and another address in Forest Hill, but he said this was because this was the family home and she cared for their parents there.

Mr Hoar, when questioning Mr Rahman over whether he had a financial interest in Tower Hamlets, presented documents that stated Mr Rahman was a joint partner of Bangla City Cash and Carry in Tower Hamlets. He had paid into the company two cheques - one of £2,000 and one of £9,000.

Mr Rahman denies all charges. The case continues.