Lutfur Rahman has been named within a Government Counter-Extremism Strategy document.

The disgraced former mayor of Tower Hamlets has become a footnote in the history after he was featured in a section headed The Threat From Extremism

The document alleges Rahman was linked to extremist parties that led to him being dropped by the Labour Party as its candidate in the inaugural mayoral election.

However, he decided to stand as an independent and was elected twice – although his second victory was later overturned after he was found guilty of election fraud.

The document states: “Beyond the direct threat of extremism, local authorities have an important role to prevent isolation and segregation within communities.

“In Tower Hamlets, the special election court concluded that mayor Lutfur Rahman had breached election rules and was guilty of corrupt and illegal practices, including vote-rigging, undue spiritual influence through local imams and wrongly branding his Labour rival a racist.

“In Rotherham, councillors did not engage with the Pakistani-heritage community to address issues about the ethnicity of child sexual exploitation perpetrators and victims, which contributed to the unforgiveable failure of the council and others to properly tackle the abuses.”