You! Yes you. Stop practising your best 'I’m-sick-croak', turn off Netflix and start getting dressed, today is not a day to pull a sickie.

Why? Because you’ve been busted. Those sneaky bacteria drink people at Actimel have gone and told everyone that workers in the capital are the worst for pulling a sickie (39% have) – and apparently 38% of them don’t even feel guilty about it.

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Is it OK to pull a sickie every once in a while?

In the spirit of this, we scoured the internet for some of the best excuses bosses have been given by employees who have taken a sick day - I mean if you HAVE to call in sick, you may as well be inventive.

Here are our top seven:

  1. “My doctor told me I need more vitamin D so I’m going to the beach" - via The Independent
  2. “The chemical in my turkey made me fall asleep” (so he missed his shift) - via
  3. “I forgot to come back to work after lunch” - via
  4. “My mum has died” (the second time this excuse was given) - via The Telegraph
  5. “My parakeet had the flu and needed to be taken care of” - via The Independent
  6. “I ate too much at a party” - via CNN
  7. “I’m so angry I’ll hurt someone if I come in” - via

So what do these slackers get up to on a day pretending to be ill? Apparently more than half of the UK (53%) binge on Netflix, 17% of Londoners chill in a café to pass the time and nearly a fifth of men (18%) meet up with friends

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However, there are plenty of honourable workers in the capital – 76% will go in even if they’re infectious and 48% of them go in because they feel that they have too much to do and no one to cover them.