If Londoners could choose their mode of transport for their daily commute then broomstick would be at the top, according to a new poll.

The survey found that one in eight of the capital’s dwellers (12.4%) is jealous of Harry Potter’s broomstick as a mode of transport, followed by President Barack Obama’s Air Force One jet (10.6%) and James Bond’s speed boat (8.3%).

Interestingly, Londoners seemed to want to stay as far away from the underground as possible - seeing flying as a better option. This would also keep them away from their two biggest bugbears - lack of personal space (16.3% annoyed by this) and smelly people (7.9% not impressed).

The broomstick/jet/speedboat options would also allow Londoners to get their number one top thing when commuting - a guaranteed seat (5.8% love this). However, they wouldn’t be able to carry out their usual commuting activity of reading a book or newspaper, listening to music or watching a programme (40.1% do this).

These very serious findings came from a poll by commuter river service MBNA Thames Clippers as part of a one month countdown to the launch of two new boats.

Sean Collins, CEO, MBNA Thames Clippers said: “Apparently we spend a total of 18 months of our lives commuting and while we can’t promise flying broomsticks or private speedboats, the permanent additional capacity with two new boats to our river bus services between Putney and Blackfriars offers a more comfortable and efficient commute for the increasing numbers of people who are capitalising on the benefit of travelling by water.”

The MBNA Thames Clippers river bus service travels between Blackfriars, Embankment, Canary Wharf and London Bridge.