That’ll be 4,616 cappuccinos, 3,789 lattes and 2,364 Americanos.

No, it’s not your office’s lunchtime coffee run order, but the amount of hot drinks consumed at London City Airport in a month.

The Royal Docks transport hub has been looking into the drinking habits of its passengers and found more than 25,000 cups of coffee were sold in October, 2015, and that most English of bevvies, tea, was well beaten.

Passengers plumped for a caffeine boost to blow away those jet-laggy cobwebs, as 800 coffees a day were sold in the airport. Cappuccinos were the best seller.

October was the airport’s busiest ever month, as it welcomed 408,544 passengers. A total of 25,773 coffees were sold meaning one in 15 visitors grabbed a caffeine fix before their flight or while waiting for arriving friends and family.

Research by the Financial Times found the UK was a nation of coffee addicts with 1.7billion cups sold every year. One in five people will visit a coffee shop every day, up from one in nine just five years ago.

A spokesman for the airport said: “For a nation of tea drinkers it’s quite surprising to see just how many coffees we sell, and we’ve been looking into the reasons behind the high numbers.

“One in 15 might not sound much but it all works out as nearly 831 litres a day, which is around eight people’s water consumption in an entire year!

“If you factor in our busiest times of day which are usually between 7am and 10am and then 5pm and 7pm, it looks as if we have passengers that need a cup of coffee to help them perk up before heading off in the morning or keep them awake when flying back in the evening.”