Switch sketchy Franglais for authentic French with the help of London City Airport.

The Docklands transport hub has released free phrasebooks in Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and French to help Brits get savvy with European language before they jet away from east London.

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These include key words inspired by five Gs – Greet, Go, Get, Goods and Great.

These include phrases to locate anything from a beach to plasters and, most importantly, how to order a bottle of wine.

They can be picked up at the airport terminal or accessed as video tutorials online.

The airport said it hoped the pocket-sized advice would help dispel suggestions Britons were reluctant try to another languages.

An airport spokesperson said: “Simply saying ‘beer’ in a high pitched tone with your eyebrows raised into your hairline doesn’t cut it any more.

“It can be tempting to stick to English when you’re out of your comfort zone but successfully communicating in a foreign language can give a real sense of achievement.

“We encourage holiday makers to push themselves this summer and try a few 5G phrases.”