Boroughs in the east and north east in the capital are pressing ahead with plans to create a devolved region of London.

Seven council leaders and executive mayors are recruiting a director to represent the partnership and taking steps to formalise their loose association in Local London.

The seven are Barking and Dagenham, Enfield, Greenwich , Havering, Newham , Redbridge, and Waltham Forest Councils. This has mutated from the original cluster, which centre on the Olympic boroughs. Hackney wanted no part of it and Tower Hamlets said it would keep an eye on developments.

However, the core group created a prospectus in March last year which outlined their “shared set of principles and vision for devolution to the sub-region” based on economic regeneration, jobs, housing and infrastructure projects.

Sir Robin Wales, mayor of Newham, has been the major driving force of the initiative and he has now been appointed chairman.

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Sir Robin said: “As a group, we have come a long way towards building shared understanding and establishing a common vision for the future. Across the seven boroughs there is agreement that a new settlement for our part of London is necessary.

“This deal needs to reflect and respect the views of local people, giving them a real say in how their community is run. It also needs to empower local authorities to meet the challenge of historic reductions in funding. Only once this deal has been agreed, can we collectively unlock the true potential of our boroughs.”

Chris Robbins, leader of Waltham Forest Council and joint chairman of the working group behind Local London said: “When we’re all facing the same problems we want to be able to speak with one voice so that government understands we are united in our determination to ensure we get a fair deal for our communities.

“Government is saying it wants to give more power to local communities. By coming together as Local London we’re making it clear that we’re ready to take on more responsibilities, and deliver a better deal for our residents.”