Germaphobes may want to brace themselves as the dirtiest way to get to work in London has been revealed.

Black cabs are often thought of as a step up from the much maligned Tube but were actually found to be the filthiest mode of public transport in the capital.

However the thousands of Canary Wharf workers who hop on the Jubilee each day may want to stock up on hand gel as the Underground came in second.

The research by dry cleaning company ZipJet saw swabs taken from a bench in London Victoria station, five seats and hand rails on the London underground, five chairs of red double decker buses, the backseat of five Black Cabs, and the backseat of five Uber cars.

They found nearly twice the amount of disease causing bacteria in cabs than on the Underground.

The vehicle’s seats were found to have a high concentration of pathogens associated with salmonella, e-coli and fecal contamination, as well as those associated with pneumococcal infections and stagnant water and soil.

The Underground seats had strains of bacteria associated with food poisoning, UTIs and gastrointestinal infections.

The Uber was found to be the cleanest mode of transport in the city with a low overall level of bacteria.

The Double Decker Red Bus was the second cleanest way to traverse the city

ZipJet founder and managing director States Florian Färber said: “We were surprised to see the levels and variety of bacteria present on our usual journeys to and from the office.”

Commuters were advised to avoid contamination by washing hands and clothes thoroughly to avoid a buildup of bacteria.

See the full list of results here .

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