Campaigners have hailed a “win” for Limehouse after their fight to protect a patch of greenery in the East End proved successful.

Tower Hamlets Borough Council has now confirmed the recreation space at the corner of Branch and Horseferry Road has the status of an Asset of Community Value.

This means it has been classed as land of particular importance to east Londoners and will be subject to additional protection from development under the Localism Act 2011.

The Limehouse Community Forum has spearheaded the mission to secure the status after highlighting how the area is used by everyone from dog-walkers to those enjoying views of the Limehouse basin.

Member Mark Slankard said: “The people in Limehouse had their green space stolen from them twice, the first time in 2012 by the Occupy Movement who took the land with tenting and campfires; then the Greater London Authority who took it with fencing and legalities.

“I’m pleased to see that the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, saw through this veil of subterfuge and has upheld the finding that this land deserves to be formal listed as an Asset of Community Value."

The land was originally listed as an Asset of Community Value but in November, the Greater London Authority GLA requested a review of the decision.

Residents feared the GLA would partner up with builders to develop the land for housing in what they say is an already “densely populated” area.

As part of their campaign, they hosted a pop-up cinema in 2014 where more then 250 residents enjoyed a screening of The Long Good Friday.

A document by Tower Hamlets Council announcing the decision said it was satisfied “the prospect of a future community use is more than fanciful”.

It added: “The original decision, though finely balanced, was in all the circumstances neither unreasonable nor unlawful. The property therefore retains its status as an Asset of Community Value.”