The Electoral Commission is keeping a close eye on the High Court where Tower Hamlets’ voting processes are under scrutiny.

Poplar and Limehouse MP Jim Fitzpatrick raised last year’s mayoral poll and allegations of voter fraud in the House of Commons on Thursday.

He asked MP Gary Streeter, who answers questions on behalf of the Commission, if it was monitoring events at the election court where Mayor Lutfur Rahman is responding to allegations that the poll was flawed.

Mr Fitzpatrick asked: “Can you confirm that given that case is due to finish between now and the general election any lessons to improve the conduct of the general election will be communicated to the place, the returning officers and to the commissioners in Tower Hamlets?”

Mr Streeter replied: “I can certainly confirm the Electoral Commission is watching that case. There will be a study on the outcome once the judge has determined it. I can’t comment on the details as it is going through.

“But a report will be provided by the Electoral Commission as quickly as possible and lessons will be learnt.”