I must be getting old because of late I find myself bemoaning the lack of manners in young people. One in particular is getting my goat – my new intern.

I have never encountered anyone quite so rude, cocky and sure of themselves as this young woman. She has such a sense of entitlement, as though there’s nothing new to learn.

Despite this being her first placement and having no real work experience under her belt, she refuses to accept any constructive criticism.

My role is to mentor and guide her but, quite frankly, I’m sick of the sight of her and all I want to do is show her the door and give the opportunity to someone who would be keen to learn.

I’ve worked with a number of interns in the past and all of them without exception have found the experience rewarding, with many of them going on to have flourishing careers.

Wondering if it was a clash of personalities, I chatted with some colleagues to get their feedback on her. They are all of the same opinion; she’s an absolute cow.

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Our finance manager told of a recent encounter with this “upstart” – her words, not mine. She asked the girl to double check the petty cash total, a job that the whole team is asked to do on occasion.

None of us particularly enjoys totting up the pennies and checking the total against the figures written down, especially when it’s almost always needed when you’re about to pop out for lunch, but we do it because that’s what colleagues do.

Help one another. According to our finance manager though when asked, the intern flatly refusal, sneering: “That’s not my job.”

Here is an 20-something just starting out in their career.

I’ve tried to remember what I was like at that age. Sure, I may have had a bit of an attitude but I know I was keen to learn and never thought I had all the answers – I still don’t.

Choosing to ignore guidance, failing to be part of a team and having an over inflated ego, she’s bound to find a home at Westminster.