TV presenter and funnyman Jonathan Ross paid a visit to the charity trading day at BGC.

The talk show host praised the event for the money it was raising for charity before claiming the bewildering nature of the work would not see him pursuing a career in trading.

“It is such an amazing day,” he said. “So many charities are being represented, not only the big ones, but so many little ones that we have never heard of.

“Some of them are run by just one person, so something like this can make a real difference to those organisations.”

He spoke of the confusing experience he had the last time he tattended the bi-annual event, trading on the floor two years ago.

“I bought £10million worth of something,” he said. “I did not understand a thing – the only thing I did understood was the number 10 million.

“I think like most of the people who have turned up for this event, I am fairly clueless as to how it all happens.
“For the sake of the traders, as well as myself, I think it’s best I don’t work in here.”

He also revealed that he has a new show in the pipeline with Penn and Teller, after the last series of “Fool Us” was a hit in the states. Meanwhile his ITV talk show returns in August.