There’s only really one thing I can write about this week, and it’s the removal of the Mayor of Tower Hamlets.

While my day-job at City Hall takes up most of my time, the legal case against him took up an awful lot too.

I am pleased that he has gone. His administration was rotten and based on patronage – hand-outs, in return for support – rather than policy – and on an almost total absence of transparency.

As the defeated Labour candidate my position was complicated – how to challenge him without being a bad loser, and, as a white man, by the risk forever of being accused of being a racist for highlighting bad practice by a mayor who happened to be Bengali.

Indeed, that is what he repeatedly did.

So it was important he was challenged by a group of petitioners from across the community, and not as a grudge match walking into a predictable trap.

I am obviously pleased to be cleared of the suggestion I was a racist. This was a cynical election tactic designed to polarise voters and close down debate.

This is wicked, and hurtful, and it also demeans the word and belittles the suffering of those who are genuine victims of racism, which still exists and must be challenged by all decent people.

There is a new election on June 11. To restore confidence in our borough, if you are a resident, you have a simple duty. Vote.

John Biggs is London Assembly Member for City and East