It interests me that on a recent hospital visit I found the new Barts Hospital building doesn’t have a staircase for public use. If you can’t manage a lift you need to be escorted by security.

It just boggled my mind. Lovely building though. State of the art equipment. Just what we need.

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Forget the walking – I am currently near the end of a mini-marathon as election for the for Mayor of Tower Hamlets, arrives on June 11.

It has been surprisingly good-natured so far, although the usual rumours and misinformation have played a part – apparently if I am elected I will close mosques (can’t, wouldn’t), ban Muslim burials (can’t, wouldn’t) and not build a new Town Hall (we have to, but we have to find the money first).

By and large I have found people across the borough warm and receptive. I have also found very many people deeply worried at the mess the previous Mayor got us into.

The election gives us a chance to clear the past away and, whoever wins, make Tower Hamlets into a place that uses the many opportunities – jobs, development, hungry ambitious people – to meet our many challenges – poverty, housing, unemployment, over development – rather than continuing with the inward looking, divisive old regime.

John Biggs is London Assembly Member for City and East