Whitechapel’s Jack The Ripper Musuem has been slammed as a “form of pornographic violence celebration” by Tower Hamlets mayor John Biggs.

Joining a protest outside the attraction, mayor Biggs called for its closure.

“We believe that this is not a proper museum,” he said in a video on Youtube. “And this is not a proper thing to be happening in the East End.

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“This museum glorifies violence against women. Jack the Ripper and his deeds are a part of history and it is important that they are understood but they are not something to be glorified.

“It is a form of pornographic violence celebration and we do not want it here.”

“Why is it still here? Because the law is deficient in that it allows something to be defined as a museum and then transform itself into something that is not.

“Just imagine if you had a museum that celebrated slavery and, in some way, tried to show how humane slavery was.

“I think there are standards in our community and they must be upheld.”

The group of protesters, which included Mayor Biggs and Tower Hamlets Labour councillors Denise Jones and Amy Whitelock Gibbs, attached banners to the museum’s shutters on Thursday, October 29, reading “Jack the rip-off” and “Shut it down”.