We have just finished our annual budget-making at City Hall.

A bit like the Chancellor with his red box in Parliament, the City Hall budget is a very public matter, as we thrash out how to spend a large lump of your money, and grapple with how high the fares and council tax should be.

We have heated debates – this year’s centred on the fact that while Mayor of London Boris Johnson trumpeted a tiny cut in council tax he was quietly whacking up fares. Politicians – you just can’t trust them.

■ The appalling story of the east London schoolgirls travelling to Syria has dominated the news headlines. I am very clear Isis is a perverted and wicked organisation with objectives and methods that are incompatible with a world where people can peacefully coexist.

There can be no place for understanding them. This is not an adventure for the girls but a terrible danger – it’s about vulnerable young people being groomed and persuaded to do something that will place them at serious risk of harm and abuse. I hope for their safe return but I also hope these events will make us more united against the danger.

■ Finally, Newham Council has recently agreed expansion plans for City Airport. Councillors have clipped its wings a little, with tighter controls.

But I know from my postbag that a lot of residents will be disappointed, even if many of us recognise the airport brings benefits to our area too. Life involves hard choices.

John Biggs is London Assembly Member for City and East