Jobseekers have been confusing a Greenwich store’s joke billboard for a job advert.

Wears London placed an A-board outside its Greenwich Market shop that read: “Wanted Customers: No previous experience necessary. Full training will be provided.”

And while many saw the advert for what it was, some people slightly misunderstood it.

Wears London founder Amanda Hancox

Wears London founder Amanda Hancox said: “Lots of people poke their heads in and comment about how funny it is and it’s surprising how many people actually come in and say that they were heading home but they couldn’t help but come in and take a look around because it made them laugh.

“On the other hand, we probably get two to three people coming in with CVs or asking how they can apply for the job.

“This is always a bit of a difficult conversation to have.

“Some laugh it off and you can see them instantly tweeting their funny mistake where as others still don’t get it and ask again: ‘So, you don’t have a job?’ Haha.”