The number of people claiming unemployment benefit in east London is continuing to fall, according to government statistics.

Office for National Statistics published figures showing just 5,091 (2.6% of the population) people were applying for jobseekers ’ allowance in Tower Hamlets in October 2015 compared with 6,335 (3.3%) at the same time in October 2014.

This represents a drop of almost 20% – one of the biggest falls in London.

Newham also saw falls, from 6,573 (2.9%) in 2014, to 4,754 (2.1%).

Hackney saw a drop from 6,319 (3.4%) to 4,861 (2.6%) in the same period.

This data comes shortly after news that the three east London boroughs saw some of the UK’s biggest falls in deprivation over the past year.

Overall, London currently has 111,995 people claiming for jobseekers, compared 613,754 in the whole of the UK.