Chef Jamie Oliver has signed up for a partnership with Tower Hamlets Council.

Cooking skills will be at the forefront of the collaboration with the Essex man's Ministry of Food training up 14 parents who will then share their new-found skills and knowledge.

In a specially-recorded video message for the council’s annual parenting conference, Jamie Oliver told the audience: “This is going to be fantastic, this is a brilliant course for the parents and I think you are going to love it.”

Tower Hamlets Mayor Lutfur Rahman said: “To have a chef of his calibre helping to improve the health of families in Tower Hamlets is something the whole borough can be proud of.

“In September we took the bold step of launching free school meals for every primary school pupil in the borough, precisely so we can guarantee children are getting at least one hot, nutritious meal every day. By working with Jamie’s Ministry of Food we are taking great strides to improve the health of our families even further.”

St Paul's Whitechapel Primary School has already taken the lead on good nutrition by adopting The Kitchen Garden Project. The initiative teaches pupils there about where food comes from and teaches them basic food preparation.

Talking of the scheme, Jamie said: “This is about local people teaching local people how to cook, how to budget, how to cook nutritious, healthy, affordable food and it’s all really parent-focused.

"So we are looking after the kids with the Kitchen Garden project and now we are looking after the parents.”