Protesters took to Whitechapel once more as an east London’s most controversial museum once again attracted protests.

But the Jack the Ripper Museum says the Halloween event in which visitors could take a “selfie” with the killer passed off without incident.

A spokesman for the museum said: “The protest was good humoured and featured demonstrators in Halloween costumes. It passed off without incident and did not deter visitors from attending.”

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The museum invited visitors to meet Jack the Ripper, have a selfie with him in his sitting room, see a recreation of a murder and visit a mock-up of victim Mary Jane Kelly’s bedroom.

Museum owner Mark Palmer-Edgecumbe said: “On the Halloween weekend we used actors to bring the story of Jack the Ripper to life following a long tradition of museum re-enactments. Our production was historically accurate and focused on solving the mystery of who was Jack the Ripper.”

On Thursday, October 29, Mayor of Tower Hamlets John Biggs held a protest against the museum in anticipation of the event, which took place over both Saturday and Sunday.

Tweets from protesters who took to the museum over the weekend seemed not as good-humoured as the museum made out.