In my quest to find a solution to Master A’s continuing lack of focus I recently booked an appointment to see an alternative therapist who was recommended by a friend.

The consensus from my friends is to get Master A assessed for ADD or ADHD and go down the Ritalin route.

However, I’m not convinced. I think much of the problem lies with myself, a lack of patience, over-tired and over-stretched from work. I’m also at that certain age... it doesn’t make for the most conducive of home environments.

Initially the consultation was centred on me – how I can better cope with the fact Master A cannot concentrate on anything for any length of time which, regular readers to this column will know, has me forever at breaking point.

The therapist started by doing some Emotional Freedom Therapy – commonly referred to as tapping – on me. After the first few tappety-tap-taps and vocal releasing mantras this had me wanting to climb the walls in frustration, screaming inside: “I haven’t time for this.”

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“You’re energy is, er, very ‘spiky’,” the therapist said softly. “You do know children are highly sensitive to vibrations?”

She then began telling me how in the last year she had started to see more children and teens all suffering with anxiety and its side effects.

“It’s very worrying,” she said. “There are a lot of very unhappy and anxious children out there. It’s the society we live in, the pressures of modern-day living.”

She has started to create a wellbeing programme that works on balancing the children, to help them deal with stressful situations. She teaches them little rituals, many of which work on pressure points that they can call upon when faced with a problem or if they feel anxious at any time.

Although in its infancy, she says she’s getting some great feedback. Many children are performing better at school and report of feeling much happier in themselves. Perhaps, this could be a way forward.

Working Mum, taking Master A for his first session next week.