Has the Witch a message for you?

Rob M: It’s time to come clean to your investors. It’s not all plain sailing.

Lucy: That man in Boisdale Of Canary Wharf, the one you keep fluttering at, is interested. Have the courage to strike up a conversation.

Steven: The person in your circle drinking whisky is not a friend to you.

Hannah: It’s time to move on. You know what that means!

J: The next time you head to the driving range have a chat with the guy in the next bay. It could be the break you’re looking for.

This week’s lucky object: Toothbrush

Lady Luck – a good week for

Trolls – the movie

Trolls: We’re not talking about the social media provocateurs but the stars of the new DreamWorks movie. These little bundles of glittery rainbow gorgeousness will bewitch you with their warm gooeyness.

Helen Skelton: After winning gold with her Olympics coverage this fiercely ambitious presenter has now wowed while covering for Lorraine Kelly on ITV morning show. The thighs the limit now her star is in the ascendant.

Kenzo collection for H&M: Perfect attire if you’re into the latest clown craze.

Evil Eye – a bad week for

Jose Mourinho shows appreciation to supporters

Jose Mourinho: After the 4-0 drubbing of Manchester United by his former club Chelsea at the weekend The Special One is not feeling the love anymore, especially as he confesses he misses his family. Even that 1-0 victory over Manchester City didn't raise a smile. What goes around, comes around.

Strictly’s Lesley Joseph: She should have watched her step when she took on the role of gipsy fortune teller Madame Lola in the tango. The spirits weren’t happy when the dance featured partner Anton smashing a crystal ball.

Kanye West: Blasting a brother will have repercussions. The guides say you’re too old for rap beef.

What's this?

Tarot card – The World XXI

The World XXI

Part of the Tarot’s Major Arcana, The World is what can be yours if you follow the road to enlightenment. This is a time for you to realise your goals, a time when anything is possible. To tap into the energy of this card, simply picture yourself already living the dream. It may sound like a naff postcard affirmation but this week Think it, Act it, Become it.

Star reading – Elon Musk

Billionaire Elon Musk

Since announcing that Tesla will produce a car that will drive from LA to New York by the end of next year our Witch Twitch has gone into overdrive around its founder Elon Musk.

The billionaire business magnate, investor and inventor – said to be the inspiration for Tony Stark, the genius engineer played by Robert Downey Jr in the Iron Man movies – is something of an enigma but that’s not stopped us from dowsing his hidden depths…


With a name like Elon Musk he was always destined to be a player on the global stage – either that or a Sacramento-based professional skunk trapper. In numerological terms his name characteristics denote he operates on a higher spiritual plane, is intuitive, illuminated, an idealist and a dreamer.

It’s little wonder then that he’s so hell bent on getting to Mars with his SpaceX company where he wants to create a bolthole for humanity.

Behind the facade

Our guides suggests Elon is not what he appears – we’re not referring to the fact he doesn’t seem to have aged in 30 years or that conspiracy theorists are convinced he’s an alien here to save the planet.

There is something rather other-worldly about him, however, we predict if you strip away the swagger and the stellar wealth, there’s a man-child like the Tom Hanks character in Big who’s rather shy, a bit goofy and a little awkward.

Despite the trappings of being a billionaire – the private jets, supercars palatial pads around the world, Hollywood wives and girlfriends (more about them later) – we’re not convinced Elon is in it for the money or the lifestyle. We sense he’s more interested in working with his ideals, rather than in dollars and cents.


The cards suggest he is a born romantic and is deeply concerned and supportive of art, and beauty in any form. Perhaps that’s why he keeps marrying British actress, writer and director and star of new HBO show Westworld Talulah Riley .

They’ve tied the knot twice now, with each subsequent divorce costing Elon millions in alimony. We’re wondering if it’s going to be third time lucky for this star-crossed pair especially as a recent Twitter exchange between the couple included the hashtag #OfcourseIstillloveyou from Riley.

We’ve cast the runes and it would appear she’s his kryptonite.

Inner Secret

His soul is looking for a life of freedom, excitement and unexpected happenings. Yet, he harbours a secret dream of surrounding himself with the perfect family in the perfect home. He’s already well on his way in the department being a dad to five boys, a set of twins and triplets.

But the cards suggest there’s even more to come. His cup continues to overfloweth.

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