Dating app The Inner Circle has seen its membership levels rocket by 700% in the past year - and Canary Wharf is proving to be a “hotspot” for potential romance.

Those working in and around the estate are the fifth most likely in the capital to seek a match using the technology, which founder Michael Krayenoff says is designed to create “a close network of like-minded people.”

After just 12 months, its London-based user levels have soared from 4,500 members to 35,000, signalling a 777% growth.

Canary Wharf workers come hot on the heels of City boys and girls, Mayfair residents and those living in Soho and Shoreditch for the romantic helping hand which hones in on an individual’s education, characteristics and interests.

Michael, 30, denies the membership selection process is “exclusive” and believes demand in E14 is so strong because “it’s our target demographic of people.”

Co founder Michael Krayenhoff

“In Canary Wharf it feels quite majestic, it feels like a successful community and there’s something quite cool,” he said.

“All the big buildings are filled with people who want to kick ass in life.

“When they travel, they can use the app to see who is going there - if they’re going to New York, they can see who is going there or even someone who likes the same speakeasy bar - it makes it so much easier

to have genuine interests.

“It’s for people who have similar values - it’s nice to have similar characteristic, when they have similar values in life, and are at the same stage, that makes them attracted to each other.

“That’s what makes relationships more likely to work.”

The past few months has seen the app become more streamlined in response to user feedback.

The travel section remains, as does the messages, matches function and wall showing profiles, but it’s been jazzed up to be more user-friendly.

Another cornerstone for The Inner Circle is its high-profile events.

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Next up is a shindig on February 24 at The Library in Covent Garden followed up by a bash at The Century Club in Soho in April.

Michael said they served to “kill two birds with one stone” for busy Canary Wharf workers who might not have time to dedicate to planning and arranging numerous date nights.

“You know it’s going to be a super nice venue filled with like-minded people and single people, and it’s quite likely you will meet at least one nice person,” he said.

“You can chat to people online beforehand

“It’s not a night you have to force yourself to date - you’ll be standing at the bar with everyone drinking and people around you who are open for conversation.

“It’s just saying ‘yes’ to a good night out.”