Hyperoptic has brought the fastest broadband speeds in the UK to a host of houseboats in Rotherhithe.

Those living on deck and moored up in Greenland and South Docks can now access gigabit connectivity for the first time.

A combined 200 berths across both docks will now be able to take advantage of Hyperoptic’s packages of 20MB, 100MB and 1GB broadband and landline services.

Previously, wired broadband options had not been possible, with many users relying on 3G dongles.

More than half of residents have already snapped up the new services.

Greenland Dock resident Stephen Waddington said: “Mobile signals are flaky on a steel hulled Dutch barge and teens quickly exhaust data plans.

“The dock is on the opposite side of the river for Canary Wharf but lacked its data infrastructure.

“Having a high-speed fibre solution to the pontoon means we have better broadband than a lot of people in the UK have in their houses.”

To make the connections possible, Hyperoptic installed its broadband fibre directly into the communications hub on each marina.

Staff then connected individual residential boats through CAT5e cabling.

Harbour master at Southwark Council Patrick Keating said: “It’s an issue that I have been investigating for a while; I never envisaged a jump from nothing to a gigabit.

"The residents are thrilled.”