I’m going to give myself a massive pat on the back because I did it – I smashed Dry January with not so much as a snifter of alcohol crossing my lips.

Over the last few years booze has become an increasing crutch in my life. A glass of wine with school mums at pre-pick-up; one when I get home; another to unwind after I’ve put Master A to bed, and, inevitably another, while watching Season 2 of Transparent... and that’s just week days.

I noticed I was becoming so drink obsessed that at the weekend, I would look at the clock and as soon as it struck noon I’d pour myself a glass of Sauvignon or, if I was out with Master A, I’d make a point of stopping for lunch just to have a tipple.

When I toasted in the New Year with a glass of sparking water, vowing to lay off drink for a month, I could hear a little voice in my head already paving the way for me to fail by saying “it doesn’t matter if you just have one".

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It’s not been easy. The hardest part has been meeting up with my fellow school mums known as the “4pm Whiners”.

Four of us try to meet up in a bar opposite the school at pre-pick-up a couple of times a week for a catch-up, mostly a whinge and gossip, and share a bottle of whatever wine is on special that week. It’s our little ritual and one that we all enjoy.

Since week one of my Dry January drive, they have goaded me: “Go, on, just one little glass won’t hurt.” Hectored me: “Don’t be so boring!” Even poured me out a glass each time ahead of my arrival.

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Displaying.an uncharacteristic level of willpower, I’ve not given in to their peer pressure even though for the past three weeks they’ve withheld the name of the person who rumour has it is having an affair with the deputy headmaster until I share a glass of Chenin Blanc with them. Now that is a reason to drink.

I’ve abstained from drinking alcohol now for more than 31 days – and, yes, I do feel rather good about myself, dare I say it, smug even.

Who knows, I may even give Forbearance February a go, although that piece of gossip is rather tempting.

Working Mum, gasping for a glass.