We get that HS2 is now based at One Canada Square – The Wharf shares the same lift with them in the morning, perpetually earwigging for scoops. And we acknowledge that east London is the model of all things that are shiny and beautiful – but is it just us or does the new Euston station re-modelling look faintly familiar?

Let's just say "homage" is the most appropriate wording or, as the lawyers would insist, an unfortunate angle.

CGI of Crossrail Place

In the meantime, here's a reminder of what the roof of the Crossrail Place is made of , in case anyone wants to re-create the marvel and here's news that the new Mayor of London Sadiq Khan is putting a damper on the whole thing anyway, calling for a plan that is less disruptive.

And as for that scoop we learnt on the lift ride? We understand that the Supply Chain Roadshows are all going rather spiffingly. Next one is in North Wales on June 28.