Young people in Hackney have the highest rate of chlamydia in the UK, according to Public Health England (PHE).

Among 15 to 24 -year-olds, the sexually transmitted infection (STI), which is the most common in the country, was detected in 4,270 residents per 100,000 population.

PHE regional director for London Dr Yvonne Doyle said: “These figures are very concerning and show too many people in London are still getting STIs by continuing to have unsafe sex.”

In 2014, there were approximately 440,000 diagnoses of STIs made in England.

Young heterosexuals under the age of 25 years and men who have sex with men recorded had the highest rates of STI detection.

PHE head of STI surveillance Dr Gwenda Hughes said: “The stats published today show too many people are getting STIs. Reducing this spread must be a public health priority.

“For people in the highest risk groups, getting screened regularly will lead to early diagnosis and treatment, as these infections are frequently without symptoms.”