The Mayor Of London has announced Cycle Superhighway 4 that will take cyclists from Tower Bridge to Greenwich.

Sadiq Khan revealed the initiative as part of his pledge to spend £770million on cycling in London over the time he’s in office.

He also announced plans for Cycle Superhighway 9, which will run between Olympia and Hounslow.

Mr Khan claimed he was delivering on his promise to be the most pro-cycling mayor that London has ever had and wants to make riding a bike the “safe and obvious” transport choice for Londoners.

He said: “With record amounts of money now committed for cycling in London, we will continue to work over the coming months developing further detailed plans for making cycling a safe and obvious choice for Londoners of all ages and backgrounds.”

Boris Johnson brought in a number of cycling initiatives including the Boris Bike

The spending commitment follows criticism of Mr Khan’s apparent lack of focus on cycling in the capital amid concerns about air quality.

The announcement has been praised by several cycling groups, including the London Cycling Campaign.

Chief executive Ashok Sinha told The Guardian: “The investment shows the mayor is serious about meeting his promises to triple the extent of London’s protected cycle lanes, fix the most dangerous junctions and enable boroughs to implement major walking and cycling schemes.

“It will help make London a better, greener, healthier and less congested city.”

TfL recently released statistics that around cyclists accounted for up to 70% of traffic on Blackfriars Bridge following Boris Johnson’s introduction of the first cycle superhighways at the bridge and on Embankment.

It claimed this was 55% higher than before they were built, denoting a “significant increase” in cycling.

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